Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Videos that force thinking

Stop motion at its finest

Split screen love story


  1. Powerful and deeply moving. A poignant reminder that there are, in fact, people n our world, who are despised, dismissed and marginalized who need to know they are valued and cared about. This is a story that touches many emotions, engages our sympathy and compassion and, in the end, brings us to a most satisfying and triumphant place where wrongs are made right, justice reigns and goodness prevails, and transforms this little world. I see this as a metaphor for our own world. This was a wonderful presentation. Thank you . Wil

  2. Don't really have the time to watch these, but i bookmarked the first one an will watch it tonight when i go to sleep.

  3. There are lots of really talented video artists nowadays, so it's hard to jump out of the crowd, but ones like these, the ones with messages in them, always end up in my favorites.