Monday, May 23, 2011

Another cute post...

Little kid plays with a baby otter

Time lapse of dogs life in 40 sec

Dog pokes tongue out on command 


  1. Otters and dogs, yay <3

    Also, cool to see how quickly a pup can grow

  2. I really enjoyed the time lapse of the dogs life in 40 secs. I lost my dog not long ago, but it still makes me smile.

  3. That puppy timelapse is awesome! and Monster Inc music to boot!

  4. Hi sir George. Your now on my Blog roll...:)

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  6. That time lapsed one was really cool.

  7. Liked the video of the fast growing dogs...I laughed when I saw the pool appear all the sudden

  8. Here I was again, with hope to save my hard working head from colapsing under pressure.
    I knew I would have a great opportunity to relax from laughter and fun.
    That running back and forward kid was adorable.
    Dog with trained tongue was hilarious and breaking news from America - so enjoyably stupid and therefore very funny.
    I feel energetic, entusiastic and exited about tomorrow. I can happily go to bed and do sudoku; and maybe even sleep.
    My warmest regards,
    Elena Ornig